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How I Can Help

As a Humanistic counsellor, I believe that people have the resources within themselves to find solutions to their problems and live more satisfying lives. My aim is to gain the best understanding I can of how you make meaning of your life, your relationships and the world. This enables us to work together on the issues that you bring to counselling and to address them more effectively.


By providing you with a safe, confidential space in which to talk and to feel truly heard, I will help you to explore your concerns and to feel more empowered in your responses to them. 


For some clients, it is the real understanding of another person that leads to a positive result in therapy; for others, it is the action or adjustments that come from gaining insight and acceptance of your unique way of making sense of the world.


The first session is a free 30 minute telephone call which is an opportunity for you to assess whether counselling is right for you. We will explore together what you hope to achieve from attending counselling and in what ways the therapy that I offer meets your expectations. This also allows both of us to discover if we feel comfortable about working with each other.


We will also talk about the length of time that you feel you might need, which we will review as we go. You are in control at all times.

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